8th Edition | 2024/25

Apply today in this journey at the intersection of
Textiles, Digital fabrication and Biology!

17 September 2024, in various locations worldwide

Fabricademy is an interdisciplinary course that focuses on new technologies applied to the textile field, from the fashion industry all the way to the upcoming wearable market.

The 6-month educational program runs distributively in many laboratories across the world and combines hands-on making with online classes and tutorials, led by worldwide experts.

The cost of the Program varies from location to location and Participants can also decide to attend the course from home.

Limited places per Lab are available. Apply today to reserve your spot!

9 months
35+ global lectures
50+ online
45+ hands-on workshops
global reviews and personal mentorship
20 weeks of personal project development
real case projects and funding opportunities
6 months
25 global lectures
40+ online
35+ hands-on workshops
global reviews and personal mentorship
13 weeks of personal project development

Europe, USA, Canada


Middle East, Asia, Africa, South America

3 months
13 global lectures
30+ online
25+ hands-on workshops
global reviews and personal mentorship
1 month
4 global lectures
10+ online
10+ hands-on workshops
global reviews and personal mentorship
1 week
1 global lecture
2 online
2 hands-on workshops

* The cost of the program can vary in specific cases. For nodes with ECTS accreditation there is an additional cost of 800$ for the full program.

The Application Process

  1. After you fill in this form, the lab/node you selected will review your profile and inform you about the results of the selection. If you cannot send a link of your portfolio, please send it directly as an attachment at info@textile-academy.org
  2. Once the Lab/Node approves your application, you will agree on the terms of your participation with the Node staff.
  3. You must secure 100% of the Fabricademy fees before the program starts, end September, in one or 2 payments to Fabricademy Central Administration.

Payment details

The tuition fees for the complete academy program in Europe, the US, and Canada amount to $8000. For all other countries, the cost is set at $6000. Certain Nodes within our network may provide special discounts. Participants will be required to submit a confirmation fee upon acceptance into the program, followed by a subsequent payment prior to the commencement of the course. The tuition fee covers all necessary materials for the completion of the 13 assignments, access to a co-working space for a duration of 6 months, complimentary use of machinery, mentorship from experts at local labs, as well as online classes and tutorials guided by global experts. Additionally, participants' progress will be evaluated throughout the course both locally and globally.

If you have any further questions please refer to coordination@textile-academy.org

Application submission form